I would have never imagined an outlet like Instagram bringing me so many genuine connections like it has. As my following grows so does my connections, and some of those connections prosper into more. Alex and I share many similar interests, but if I recall the tipping point for our relationship was the mutual love for STAR WARS memorabilia. our social media relationship grew into something like modern day pen pals, and after months of getting to know each other further than instagram, we decided it was time for a meetup. @_Acorson is definitely worth a follow on the gram, and a valuable source of information in this genre of fashion due to his position with Portland streetwear style, menswear shop, MACHUS. Rather than me tell you anymore about Alex and MACHUS, I had him answer 5 quick questions that should satisfy.

Favorite brand for sale in Machus?

"That's really tough because we have so much good merch around the store right now. Most recently I've been falling in love with Mr. Completely. The designer Keith used to be 1/2 of the brand "Corpus" from years back. They were always ahead of their time, but came to a sudden halt when their partnership ended. Now Keith is back with his own project and his pieces are amazing. The denim is gorgeous, and is washed and treated in the only Eco-friendly recycled water wash house in LA. The fit is amazing and the details are on point. Plus his hoodies and denim jackets are to die for. Absolutely my favorite brand in the shop right now."

Favorite item for sale in Machus?

"Another super tough one. I spend so much time around the clothing in the store that I'm really quite fond of so many pieces. Maybe my single favorite item that I gravitate to the most is our Machus Private Label Tee's. They're inexpensive in retrospective, ranging from $65-70, and they fit amazing. They're a huge staple in my wardrobe, I literally couldn't get dressed without one every single day. A must for everyone, and they come in 4 styles now so there's a fit for every guy that walks in. "

What does Portland have that sets it out from other cities in the fashion conversation?

"What Portland has going for it is the mass diversity of culture. This manifests in every aspect of the market in Portland. The food, the fashion scene, the bars, every area of Portland culture can thank the diversity of the city. For fashion, you have so many pockets of fashion niches here that feed from each other. From grunge, to "#menswear", to streetwear, sneakerheads, corporate suit & tie swag, Asian kids wearing only Givenchy and SLP, to the progressive kids that Machus tries to cultivate. It's a beautiful thing seeing this many pockets of different styles come together at my store for a similar experience, I wouldn't trade it."

What does Portland lack in terms of fashion conversation?

"Portland is really short handed on good shopping experiences. There's Machus, and then there's this huge gap in the market with nothing. We don't have any designer stores. We have no brand flagship stores. We have no other real progressive store to cater to the audience we helped to make in the city. Chicago has RSVP, Notre, Saint Alfred's, etc where people can go to mix and match thee style and get different experiences, but Machus is almost on an island. I want to see more fashion heads come to the city and post up, bringing their vision and background to the table. It's good for the culture. "

What is the reason for @_acorson, in terms of why do you Instagram and what do you want to come of it?

"Man, some days I lose track and just post up cool stuff. But mainly, my IG is a tool to meet like minded individuals (like you) and network. I have met some of the dopest people over IG that I never would've known otherwise. It's an amazing sub-culture of fashion kids who all have a distinct style and have bonded over #outfitgrid. It's a medium to communicate like none other, a pictures speaks where words can't express."

While Alex was in town we had time for a quick shoot with  @estevansta and as usual the images do not DISAPPOINT