I apologize to all who keep up with this blog, and I thank you for hanging with me. If anyone was curious, repairing your ACL is 100 times worse than tearing it. If that is relevant to you, check out my contact page if you'd like to get in touch, I used my quadricep to repair the ligament. that is my excuse for my writing absence. when i got home from work each day, I laid on the couch eating advil, tylenol, and vicodin like they were M&M's. Back to fashion... I have a lot of content that will all hopefully flood this site today. Mid may, I once again linked up with the ever talented Estevan Cruz and he shot two visitors of mine; Cory KingAlex Corson along with myself. Estevan is the man and can turn a photographic setting out of anything. This set was shot while walking down my street and spanned no more than 200 yards. This set is of me wearing a Vintage Metallica tee from their "load" tour, layered with a John Elliott + Co tee underneath. Over that a Fear of God sleeveless hoodie, all complimented by some olive Pierre Balmain pants (which i have since had tapered). And to top off this Jerry Lorenzo inspired outfit, the ever so popular White/black flyknit trainers.

John Elliott tees can be found at @notre_shop

Pierre Balmain & Fear of God can be found at @RSVPGALLERY