Another huge shoutout to @outfitgrid for featuring my outfit on their page this week. A few things about this out fit; I came across several vintage metal/rock tour tees in my Uncles closet and have been featuring them all over my page, but the sad reality is that only 2 of them even fit me. They're all from the late 80's and have just been washed and dried and shrunk 1-2 sizes because of it. So they're all for sale at multimarz_closet if you're interested. In this grid i featured a 1987 Megadeth tour tee. Also shoutout to #outfitgrid creator @dennistodisco because I pretty much took direct inspiration from an outfit he posted the week earlier. OUTFITGRID is a daily inspiration for the way i dress, and I do combine other peoples templates and ideas while adding my own flavor to create these crisp layouts.